who directs the courts

Part 1.

  1. Who directs the courts?
    • Answer this question without doing any research or reading. Share with us your current knowledge on this topic in the Module 2: Reflection discussion board. Be sure to check the course calendar for due dates.

Part 2.

  1. After you have had time to read the materials from this week, you will complete a final reflection to turn in for instructor feedback. In a few paragraphs answer the following two questions:
    • Based on what you read, now answer the question, who directs the courts? Explain how your thinking been supported, changed, or extended.
    • Define the court work group and their functionality. What are some of the misconceptions and problems that are faced by the court work group. What kind of impact does the court work group have on the defendants and victims? Explain your answer. Be specific and thorough in your answers citing evidence from your readings. Citations must be made in APA format. See tips for success for help with APA.


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