Week 4 Discussion1

Assignment 1: Discussion Assignment

From your course textbook, Ticket to Write, read the following chapter:“The Death of My Father,” by Steve Martin (Open attachment for this article)

A narrative essay relates a story in order to convey meaning or significance. In “The Death of My Father,” the author concludes by saying, “My father’s death has a thousand endings. I continue to absorb its messages and meanings.” What is one significant message or meaning that you would like to point out from this essay?Explain why that one stood out for you.How effective was this essay?What about the writing worked or didn’t work?

Point out the best sentence in the narrative and explain why you chose that one. 

In-Text Citation Example
I have experienced the loss of several family members this year, and the final statement in Martin’s (2013) essay echoes how I felt each time someone died: “Nobody should have to die alone” (p. 630). 

Martin, S. (2013). The death of my father. In S. S. Thurman, & W. L. Gary, Jr. (Eds.), Ticket to write: Writing skills for success. [Vital Source Bookshelf] (pp. 628-631). Retrieved from myeclassonline.com


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