value for money

Value for money performance has been identified by the Omani Government as a priority area for securing efficiency improvements and releasing resources for use in delivering front-line services. It has been stated that value for money performance assessment in public sector organisations in the Oman has been varied across regions and projects, bordering on inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

As a consultant project manager write a report to the Omani’s public sector project monitoring agency (department, ministry, etc) that:

  • Explains the concept of value for money in the context of public sector procurement
  • Outlines failure factors in value for money performance assessment and attainment of public sector infrastructure procurement in Oman
  • Outlines an approach(solutions) that mitigates failure factors outlined in part 2
  • Describes briefly and specifically the opportunities for value management in the strategic and project briefing of a public sector infrastructure project to be procured as a design and build project.

Maximum 2500 words

i attached task file


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