The issues with the Homestead Act

Module 1- Cadillac Desert Chapter 1 Questions

These questions are meant to guide your reading through Chapter 1. They are by no means the most important ideas nor are they the only ideas presented in the chapter. All material presented in the chapter is fair game for the quiz.

This chapter begins with describing the wild west through the account of John Wesley Powell’s epic expedition down the Colorado River. The chapter then goes on to describe the early settling of the west through the marketing and various acts of congress.

  1. Summarize the Powell expedition.
  2. How did the railroads convince people to move west?
  3. Give some examples of the lies the railroads used.
  4. How big were the settlements in the Homestead Act? Why was this acreage chosen?
  5. What were some of the issues with the Homestead Act?
  6. How do the East and West differ in terms of precipitation?
  7. What disaster did Powell predict? Did it happen?
  8. Do you think Powell would agree with the dams that were built?

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