statistic online test 50 questions statcrunch

I will help with the 6 wheelan questions. I need you to screenshot every question (all 36 of them). There is only attempt. 40 Minute time limit. Must be familiar with statcrunch.


You may use your book, notes, &c. and you will need to use StatCrunch So have StatCrunch ready to go in another window. (You will not use any data from the textbook.)

You have to complete this exam in one sitting, so make sure that you are completely prepared!

Make sure that you have a good internet connection and you are using a good piece of machinery.

You get one question at time, and once you complete a question, and hit “submit,” you cannot go back!

You have 40 minutes.

There are 36 questions (30 regular for 50 points; the last six are bonus questions for 6 points). And speaking of the bonus questions, you may want to have the end of Chapter 9 of Wheelan on hand.


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