state of ohio vs castro


  1. Go to Google and do a search for “Ariel Castro”. You will most likely find video artifacts and articles about the recent court decision. Read up on all the specifics involved in the case. There are also some resources provided for you in the module materials to get you started. Please feel free to find any additional resources on your own.
  2. Review the actual court docket for the case:….
  3. Summarize the essence of the case identifying the issues/crime (s) that were committed with a specific concentration on the people involved and their actual roles.
  4. Include in your summary how the court system is depicted and how it pertains to the idea of Laws on the Books vs. Law in Action.
  5. Write your opinion on outcome of the case.
  6. Then, create a chart or a diagram that includes the type of court professional and defines who they are and their role in the court specific to this case. You can include whomever you feel is essential but you must include the following: The role of the prosecutor, the role of the defense attorneys, and the position of the judge.


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