stakeholder communication reporting strategies


Project Management Methodologies

Deliverable Length: 1000 words


Building on your Week 1 IP, complete the following for this week’s IP:

  • List the key stakeholders and reporting structures for the waterfall and Agile scrum methods.
  • List the communication strategies for the waterfall and Agile scrum methods.
  • Discuss how to implement the change requests from customers and other stakeholders during the middle of the project for the waterfall and Agile scrum methods separately.

Project Details: An information technology (IT) firm is working on a project to come up with a competing social medial product that provides all of the features provided by an existing social media platform and any other features requested by the marketing team, including specific features for certain user groups. The final product needs to be ready within 1 year.

The deliverable this week is a Word document of 2–3 pages (about 1,000 words; can include some charts or graphs) to show the high-level time line for each method. The time line for each method should show the difference of functions or characteristics by using different methods.


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