research paper on codeine

Your topic ON CODEINE. Please keep in mind what should be covered in terms of information presented (see below). Of course be sure you are reviewing all the expectations as found in the Module 7 content section so you fully understand all requirements of the paper in terms of both substance and the technical presentation.

As noted in the expectations the predetermined topics to cover include:

1. History and epidemiology of the drug

2. The pharmacology, how does it work in the system?

3. How is it grown, manufactured, transported and marketed

4. The dosage, expected effects, side effects and potential for overdose

5. The specific treatments that might be used in rehabilitation

I will note that while I expect your research to be cited in APA format (sources cited appropriately in the body of the text here they apply and in a concluding bibliography) the paper itself does not have to follow full APA formatting with such things as running heads, abstract etc . While you are welcome to do so, the key expectation is that the research conducted is presented appropriately in APA format.

One other suggestion related to content in helping you assure all areas are covered is using headings for each. Noting the 5 areas to cover, by using a heading for each it may help bring organization to your final presentation.



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