reflection essay of a english course that i took

Your Reflective Essay will introduce your portfolio and argue that you should pass this class It is an argument thesis-driven essay , so be sure to organize the essay into PIE paragraph structure like any other essay with a strong, clear thesis statement.The supporting evidence you would use would be the work you did in the course, for example, although you may choose to include other information such as personal history. This is an important element of the portfolio and should be approximately 400-500 words.Be sure to format the paper in MLA style; double-spaced with your name, the class, teacher, and date in the upper left area.

***Please write in simple language!!!!***

Description below is things you might want to know.
Below at the upload file will be provide you a list of my experience and thought to this class that I can think of. (If you have any additional question of my experience of this course feel free to ask)

This link will provide some of the course material that the class cover, in case you want to need to know.…

Feel free to Ask any question if needed. Thanks


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