quality amp risk management

Section 7: Quality Assurance Plan

You will complete the quality assurance plan section of your project plan and begin the implementation process of your project. Your plan should address the following:

  • Include a description of the type of quality planning you will use for this project for each phase of development. Associate each part of the quality assurance plan with the corresponding phase of the chosen system development methodology.
  • Describe the unit testing plan, including a minimum of 10 major test cases.
  • Plan for integration, system, and regression testing.
  • Specify the quality metrics that you will use.
  • Describe how system defects will be measured and reported.
  • Identify the risk-management strategies that you will employ.

Quality Management Report

You will update your quality management report with the status of the project development and the results of executing your quality assurance plan for the week. Upon conclusion of the project, at least 10 major unit test cases should have been executed.


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