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 Option 5 : Health and Sports Psychology Presentation




The research described in segment 5 has implications for a possible drug which might prevent dementia. Assume you have been asked to address a local club on the future of geriatrics for 15 minutes.






Watch the “Landscape of the Brain , ” “Memory Eraser , ” “How Does the Memory Work? , ” and “Chess Experiment” videos available on the student website .




Prepare a 2 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes explaining how the brain processes memories and possibilities for future remediation of geriatric dementia. Assume the club membership includes a broad spectrum of education and experience, but likely only a rudimentary knowledge of psychology.




Address the following in your presentation:




A brief summary of the work of Isabelle Mansuy Speculation as to how Mansuy’s work might apply in the treatment of human geriatric dementia




My part is the conclusion of this assignment no intro, need at least 200 to 300 word speaker notes


 ONLY NEED A CONCLUSION PORTION with speaker notes no word count


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