persuasive speech 40

Prepare a persuasive speech

Assignment Overview

In this writing assignment you will review the process used to select a topic and determine the specific purpose and main points for a persuasive speech.


An outline that is based on the format we’ve been using.

Step 1 Select a topic.

Choose a topic that fits into one of the categories of persuasive speeches that was highlighted in the lesson.

Step 2 Review lesson information.

Review the information in Lesson 4 of the course about creating a specific purpose statement and thesis, deriving a question based on the thesis, and using the question to determine the main points to cover in the speech.

Step 3 Provide information about your topic.

In a document, determine and enter the following information about your topic:

  • Description of the audience for your speech (you get to define your audience.)
  • Topic
  • General purpose
  • Specific purpose

Step 4 Select a pattern.

Based on your knowledge of patterns of organizing speech information, select a pattern of organization to use to create an outline for your speech.

Step 5 Open the corresponding outline template document below.

Step 6 Create an outline.

Using the template, create a full-sentence, preparation outline for your speech. Follow the guidelines presented in the lesson for using a consistent set of symbols, using full, and declarative sentences.

Outline Template


General Purpose: To inform or to persuade

Specific Purpose:


  • Attention-getter:
  • Thesis Statement:
  • Preview of Main Points:


  • Overview of First Main Point
  • Overview of Second Main Point
  • Overview of Third Main Point
  • Supporting point
  • Supporting point


a)Supporting point

b) Supporting point

a)Supporting point

b) Supporting point

III.Conclusion (please write out using full sentences your whole introduction and then fill in the key items below)

  • Review of Main Points:
  • Closure/Clincher:


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