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  • Imagine you are a psychology researcher. You have been awarded $1M to conduct a research study of your choosing. This study should be one that will inform and/ or evaluate psychological practice, such as a clinical intervention trial or a study to help better understand a psychological relationship. As a result, you are now responsible for the construction of a study. Part 1: Write a research question and a hypothesis. Develop a rough draft of your quantitative question that would lead to the design of your research study. Additionally write your hypothesis for this question.Part 2: Discuss the role of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and ethical issues related to your research question.
    • Here are the areas that must be covered for this paper:
      1. Discussion of the purpose of the IRB
      2. Informed consent – What will you cover in your informed consent form?
      3. Protection from harm – What steps could be taken to ensure participant safety?
      4. Do you believe there will be deception used in your study? If so, what steps would you take before and after to protect your participants?


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