marketing management 88


K1 – That they understand the merits of particular marketing concepts when

applied to selected business situations.

K2 – That they can understand the potential impact of factors in the external

environment on the marketing activities of organisations.

K3 – That they have understanding of the major decisions that organisations

confront in satisfying market-place needs.

K4 – That they understand market planning in organisations.


S1 – How to conduct research using relevant marketing journals and business



Assume that you are appointed as a Chief Marketing Manager for Toyota Motor


Your role is to evaluate the implementation of market opportunity to launch the

new 2020 version of the Toyota Fortuner SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)within the

company’s portfolio in any country of your choice.

Report Format.

This assignment is divided into three elements. You will need to achieve an overall

mark of 40% to successfully complete this module.

In your role as Marketing Manager:

Part 1. Using appropriate knowledge of marketing philosophies, concepts and

theory, critically evaluate the strengths of Toyota Company’s marketing strategy for

the SUV category in delivering value to customers. (30%)

Part 2. Research and evaluate the key dynamics and trends in the competitive and

external environments with regard to SUV category. Identify the key factors that

underpin the opportunities for the new product launch. Include as Appendix 1 a

market research proposal that would enable you to qualify your ‘suggestion’. (note –

you are not expected to undertake the market research) (30%)

Part 3. In accordance with your knowledge of the marketing planning process make

appropriate recommendations to build a sustainable brand. Your suggestions for

implementation must be underpinned with relevant theory and real-life/academic

case studies. (40%).You are to suggest ways on how you would significantly

leverage the Toyota brand in making it the market leader in the SUV segment.

Your arguments, findings and recommendations should be supported by theories,

facts and figures published within academic books, journal articles, recognised

business magazines and market intelligence reports.


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