marine superintendency


You are a senior Marine Superintendent with a shipping company located in Singapore, and you report to your Technical Director. The company owns 12 handy max bulk carriers. Looking into the future commercial market and the available resources, the top management has decided to procure two second hand handy max bulk carriers, located in Taiwan. One of the first vessels in the list is registered in the U.K. and classed by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Presently the vessel is at the port of Brisbane (Australia), loading scrap steel and expects to stay at Brisbane for a week, and then sail out to Jakarta (Indonesia) for discharging the cargo. After discharging of the cargo, the vessel will be at Jakarta anchorage for 10 days where the sale would take place. The vessel is 26,000 dwt., has 5 cargo holds and propelled by Mitsubishi 6UEC main engine delivering 8000 kW at 115 R.P.M at MCR, at a service speed of 14 knots. You have been assigned the responsibility of taking over this first vessel.

The Task

1.Define the commercial and legal aspects of vessel operation with respect to operation and maintenance.

2.Evaluate methods of monitoring vessel performanceto provide appropriate advice, to ship’s Master andship Managers, to achieve optimum efficiency and economy.

3.Please refer to the CRA for Assignment 2, given in the content.

2000 words


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