ethnic 201w 1

1-Chapter Reaction paper: A chapter reaction paper should be a simple summary of the material that is, it should include your opinion or reaction on one full page maximam

  • Read Part 5: Martin Luther King, Jr: Apostle of Non-Violence
  • Read Part 6: Malcolm X: ‘The Angriest Negro in America’
  • Read Part 7: African-American Women: Heroines & Trailblazers. Choose one of the following African-American Women: Heroines & Trailblazers and briefly write about their leadership contributions:1) Harriet Tubman, 2) Ida B. Wells, 3) Mary McLeod Bethune, 4) Fannie Lou Hamer, 5) Condoleezza Rice and 6) Oprah Winfrey
  • Part 8: Jesse Jackson: The Rainbow Man
  • Part 9: Barack Obama: America’s First Black President
  • Chapter 2: The Color Gap in Power and Privilege
  • Chapter 4: Black Identity: Shades of Beauty and Pride

this is the link of the book…


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