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Managed Care uses many of the same measures of quality as CMS in its Value Based purchasing program.

What measure of quality did you find most interesting from the presentation on 3/26/18? Describe that quality measurement and its impact on the provider.

The initial post will be required for 5 points, You’ll need to start a new thread for this post, hopefully your post will provoke conversation between the class.

Any subsequent post that substantially moves the conversation forward (adds to conversation and encourages response) will receive another 2 points up to a total of 6 additional points.

i just need to to write on paragraph discussing the presentation. I will provide you with my classmate has said.

here is example (I found that the readmissions measurements is the most interesting. I feel that anytime someone is readmitted to the hospital within 30 days probably did not receive the best quality care the first time. The readmission measures are estimates of unplanned readmission to an acute care hospital with the 30 days after discharge from the hospital. I think knowing the readmissions rate can help providers understand how to reduce this number. By reducing this number of readmissions, providers can then reduce the financial costs that occur with readmissions. Also by measuring the readmission it holds providers accountable to provide quality care. )

and here is another example (I also found this HCAHPS interesting as you said it almost take care of everything from cleanliness to staff responsiveness and overall ratings so this is a good thing from both provider and patient perspective and patients get their satisfaction through this system and yes as you said sometimes it’s personal too like because some personal reason people may give negative review about hospital and that reviews are biased towards their personal choice or reason. )

also here is another example (First off, I really enjoyed this previous presentation. I thought it brought up a lot of good points that as any sort of hospital administrator, the information shared at the presentation will affect what we do in some manner. The HAC/HAI measures in particular I thought were very interesting. These are related directly to the hospital and are generally entirely in the hospital’s realm of control. These measures are thus completely fair and I think entirely necessary for the hospital to be accounted for. I think that it is interesting that their is an improvement piece with this measure as well and how it is over a two year period. These factors that are being studied, PSI 90, CAUTI, CLABSI, and SSI are all statistics that the hospital and the patients should be extremely concerned about. These directly relate to the cleanliness of the hospital and the policies and procedures in place to help clean certain areas of the patient depending on the service that they had done. Overall, the hospital must maintain cleanliness as that is what differentiates from a first-world 21st century hospital and the hospitals in the past where you were almost more likely to catch an infection in the hospital than outside of it, thus the hospital was a place of last resort. )

so try to write one on paragraph discussing the presentation


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