diag paper

write an 8 to 12 page diagnostic paper on the topic of Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders.  Hooley, J.M., Butcher, J.N., Nock, M.K. & Mineka, S..(2017). Abnormal psychology (17th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

. The following information, on the disorder, should be included in your paper:

Clinical Presentation (What do the symptoms associated with the disorder look 


-Diagnostic criteria from the DSM-5

-Prevalence and Incidence Rates

-A review of theoretical perspectives on causes of the disorder

(along with empirical support).

-A review of treatment approaches

and outcome studies (along with empirical support).

-A case example/study 

-References (peer-reviewed journal articles, not websites).  Articles should be 

from 2000 or later.


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