critical analysis and learning reflection

Please read the articles and provide a critical Analysis paper on the articles. The articles are all about Dublin Ireland

I recommend the following approach to writing the CALRAP paper:

• First, as soon as possible start to carefully read the articles to make sure that you get through them all before you leave for Dublin. While reading, highlight

what you find to be the most interesting ideas and important insights; write notes in the margins whenever you find an interesting or controversial insight, idea, recommendation or claim.

• Second, perform a critical analysis and reflection on the insights and ideas that you found to be most interesting and most important to extract what you consider to be important lessons for you about the nature of global business and the attributes of an effective global manager that you have learned from these assigned readings. Your analysis and reflection should include reference to a minimum of two assigned readings from each of the categories (Macro, Ireland, Company, Personal plus the SEER article).

• Third, you should try to connect/apply/relate the insights and lessons that you have found within the assigned readings to your own personal and professional experiences


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