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Team Presentation:

You will evaluate an annual report of an organization’s financial and operational standing, for fiscal year 2017, and present your findings to a group of prospective stockholders. Your job is to give an objective overview and then tell the audience whether they should buy stock in the company and why or why not.

Your task is to examine a company’s Annual Report (not the 10-K form – though you can consult this document for data to prove your arguments about profitability or financial loss) and present an objective and straightforward analysis of the organization’s finances and operations for the 2017 fiscal year. You will need to focus on the facts and look beyond the marketing messages in your assigned Annual Report. Data Interpretation: you’ll need to communicate all financial data upon which you report in a way that is easily understandable for a general audience. Help your audience understand the logic behind the numbers you are analyzing.


Prepare PPT slides to complement your clear and engaging oral explanations of:

  • What products and services did the company offer that year, noting any growth/changes in these offerings from previous years.
  • What operational changes took place that year (new locations, new management structure, etc.). Note if any of these changes will help or impede growth and/or offset adversity.
  • What was the overall financial performance, including any notable changes from previous years. Make sure to address the company’s profitability.
  • Close by making a recommendation as to whether the audience should invest in the company’s stock, and why or why not.

Do not ‘copy-and-paste’:

You must do the hard work of analyzing the company’s true financial standing and present your data in your own simplified charts. Do not copy financial charts or visuals from the annual report, or use images to merely decorate your presentation. Exception: you may use persuasive visual material from the annual report to illustrate points about profitability (for example, some data deliberately emphasized, other data de-emphasized to create a different picture of the company’s finances).

Use plain language:

Explain the numbers behind the financial analyses you are featuring in your presentation. Please do not merely rely on colorful charts to explain your analysis. Let your audience know how you derived the data that is illustrated in your charts and what it means. Feature this plain language in your PPT using the 6 by 6 rule (see below).

Presentation Guidelines:

  • Presentation must be no longer than seven minutes
  • Use no more than 10 slides, including a title/introduction slide
  • Each slide should include a title and no more than six bullet points with up to six words per bullet point
  • Explain financial performance data/metrics in plain English and combine this analysis with original and simple info graphics (do not ‘cut-and-paste’ financial graphics from the annual report) to illustrate and simplify this data for a general audience
  • You will not be allowed to use notes during your presentation.

Note about Team Dynamics:

Please note an important grading criterion that didn’t apply to your earlier, solo presentations this semester: “Team dynamics present and team is well rehearsed; seamless transitions and team is conscientious of each other’s speaking turns.”

Your grade will depend on you demonstrating in your presentation that you and your partner(s) have spent time practicing and preparing together.You should plan transitions between each other and have conversational rapport as you present.Your presentation will be less engaging if you simply divide your content into a first half and second half, never showing your audience any practiced team dynamics.Learning to execute a cohesive team presentation will be valuable for your upper level courses (especially capstone courses) and your career.


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