complete assignment 15

For this assignment please follow the instructions: Please use the book and resources included. No Plagerism. The teacher will check to see if you used the required resources mentioned ,no internet material Answers are to be based on the power points and the book (both). and class on-line readings or videos. No internet material for the exam. No internet material allowed except for what is embedded in the class. You must have have access to the bookTextbook, online readings, videos:Textbook: Albanese, Catherine. America: Religions and Religion, 5th ed. (Boston: Wadsworth Cengage, 2013). ISBN:9781133050025

In an essay, describe 3 beliefs and 3 processes of adaptation for each of the various Protestant groups in American society: 1) Lutherans, 2) Reformed, 3) Presbyterians, 4) Episcopalians/Anglicans, 5) Puritans, 6) Quakers, 7) Baptists, 8) Methodists, 9) Mennonites, and 10) Amish. Also provide an introduction and conclusion.

Your essay will be approximately 12 paragraphs. Proofread your essay before submitting.

attached online readigns and powerpoint :

Online Readings:

Mayflower Pilgrims at…

The Quakers at…

The Amish at

The Second Great Awakening at

The Social Gospel Movement at…


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