compare and contrast 77

Pick two pieces of work from the same genre (portraits, still life, landscapes, religious works, allegories, mythological works, abstract works, etc.) that have a striking contrast between them. Describe and explore that contrast. Explain why you prefer one to the other of the works. Make sure that the two pieces you pick are executed in a comparable medium: both of them are paintings, or sculptures, or prints, or textiles, or jewelry, etc. Remember the two pieces you pick must be comparable conceptually and in materials. There is no point to compare a broach to a religious painting.

You should gather the following materials:

  1. Choose two works of art: one that you are very attracted to and one that you aren’t attracted to or find altogether disturbing.
  2. Make sure that you introduce briefly the work you are talking about. For example, if you are talking about a couple of paintings, you should say who created them, when, where, within what context, and any short biographical information you want to present about the artists. This part of the preparation should involve some research.
  1. Pick at least three (3) formal elements and/or principles of design that are used in both pieces (see the example with the use of LIGHT below) and talk about why they seem to you appealing in one of the pieces and not so much in the other.


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