children who witness domestic violence paper

Part 1.

For each “P2” and “P3” you are to follow the guidelines under Writing Secondary and Third Paragraohs docs that will further explain what is required for the paper.

NOTE: “P1” is completed and is there for guidance. Also please be aware that their are multiple sociological theories to use for all “P2s”. Don’t USE MORE THAN ONE THEORY TWICE ON EACH SUB HEADING****

Part 2.

Intro and Summary paragraghs need to be 8 sentences each. START WITH THE SUMMARY first and then the intro.

NOTE: The PDF guide for INTRO and SUMMARY are there to help with this portion of paper.

Part 3:

PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD. Check for grammatical errors throughout all “P1s” “2s” “3s” and any other known issues to make the paper readable and easy to read.



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