are you able to complete this discussion about hamlet and respond to two peers

Discussion 8 – Hamlet and Religion

Step 1: Listen to my wonderful lecture on Hamlet and Religion: 

Lecture: Hamlet and ReligionPlay media comment.

Step 2: Find TWO examples NOT mentioned in my “Religion in Hamlet” lecture that show evidence of Hamlet’s or other characters’ religious beliefs. How do these beliefs influence the characters’ actions? How do these beliefs impact your overall interpretation of the play? Pay close attention to language. Shakespeare loves using words (as does Hamlet) to mean more than one thing. 

Step 3: Provide a SUBSTANTIVE response to at least one of your peers

Note: I modeled a response to this post for you in my lecture. Note the depth of the analysis. Make sure you fully develop your arguments and refer directly to the play as you analyze specific lines. 

Step 4: Visit this site and see how a three-answer questionnaire determines with which Shakespeare character you most align: to an external site.) (Links to an external site.). You’ll be able to create a character using a preloaded image or a selfie! Learn more about your character by hearing lines from the play in which your character appears. This is just a fun, little exercise. Please refrain from explaining how unreliable you think the results are. It is not that serious hahaha!

  • What do you think about your results? Do you agree or disagree with your results? Why? (Note: I was characterized as Brutus. Yes, the guy who took part in the assassination of Julius Caeser. I think Brutus often gets a bad rap, but my point is this: Don’t take anything to heart?) 
  • Respond to one of your peers. Find out a little about their character. What do you find most interesting about the character and your peer’s analysis of that character? 


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