answering an economic questions in a report form

First of all I have the sampler ready to work on, no need to change any content in the cover page. The table of content can be change only within the way that you want to discuss the question, (by country or by problem). you must uses the list of figures and uses charts or graphs to explain. and these charts or graphs must be in listed as a title and a page number in the (list of figuers). executive summary of the problem in its own page, introduction and analysis, and every thing in the sampler I will provide. the calculations must be in the appendix as explained in the sample. all what I need is tables charts graphs and 4 references and calculations for the question, and a min of 500 words to write all other things such as introduction executive summary, analysis and conclusion. Also, every thing must match with the rubric which will be provided. their will be three different that i will provide. 1- the economic problem that you will need to discuss in the report, 2- the sampler,3- the rubric of the assignment. not forgetting that it must be in APA format


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