answer each question from the PDF don’t use any reference

including the questions with the answer don’t write it as essay 

1.What is Organizational Behavior and why do we study it?

2.Explain the difference between self-esteem and self-efficacy.

3.Describe the three types of value conflicts and describe how they can affect an individual.

4.Describe the Competing Values Framework of organization culture.

5.A.  Explain cognitive dissonance.

B.  Describe how we can reduce cognitive dissonance.

C.  Give one example of cognitive dissonance which you have experienced.

6.What is organizational culture and how does it develop?

7.There are 8 organizational practices used to effectively manage diversity.  Describe 3 of them and explain how they are used.

8.How can job satisfaction be increased and what happens when we increase job satisfaction?

9.Describe McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y assumptions about people at work.

10.Define, in order, the three phases of the socialization process.  Describe the overall socialization process through these phases.

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